I’m Lisa C. Smith, and I’m a Democrat running for Colorado House District 13 in 2020.

Colorado is my home

I was born here in 1982 and graduated from Fairview High School in 2001. My first turns were on the slopes of Winter Park at age 3. Colorado is in my blood, and it is also the place I have chosen to stay, for the community I love and the unrivaled beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Public service is what I do

I believe that the challenges we face are immediate and existential, but I also see great cause for hope. I believe that we can transform lives and better our community by stepping up to serve. This is why I have channeled my energy into public service by:

  • Serving on the City of Boulder’s Urban Renewal Advisory Board;

  • Working for New Era Colorado;

  • Working for the City of Boulder on clean, local energy and economic vitality;

  • Earning Masters degrees in Public Administration and Urban Planning;

  • Completing Emerge Colorado’s 6-month candidate training for democratic women;

  • Serving on Boulder County’s Cultural Council, distributing tax dollars to arts and sciences organizations;

  • Working for Boulder County Elections during the 2018 election.

I am running to make House District 13 Colorado’s leader in confronting climate change, ensuring health care for all, making housing affordable, protecting human rights, transforming transportation, and rebuilding the middle class.